Mobile Technology    MT 300 Si
Sine wave inverter, 300 watts
Pure 230-volt AC even for highly sensitive appliances
Input voltage: 12 volts DC (10.5 - 15 volts)
Output voltage/curve: 230 volts AC / pure sine wave ~
Output frequency: 50 Hz
No-load current: 12 volts: 0.003A
Continuous power: 300 watts
Peak output: 600 watts
Efficiency: up to 90%
Microprocessor-controlled electronics for pure sine wave voltage, overload and short-circuit protection, can be switched on/off by external switch, output for remote control
Dimensions (WxHxD): 270 x 223 x 70 mm
Weight: approx. 2.15 kg
Type of protection: equivalent to IP 21
Accessories Standard remote control

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